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Henkib Traders is your proactive partner in the success of a project. We manage project- administration, offer technical support, budget, and maintenance of schedules, safety and environmental impact of our clients` projects.

This is attributed to a team at Henkib Traders that has developed specific skills in managing multi-site projects. To satisfy the requirements of major local, national and international clients in various capacities.

Henkib Traders has a unique capability to work simultaneously on large numbers of sites, where it provides design and construction supervision services, project and program management, due diligence assessments or general contracting services.


Construction being one of the largest Gross Domestic Product contributors of developed and developing countries, Henkib Traders is proud to be part.

At Henkib Traders, we translate building and infrastructure designs into reality. This has been possible through integrated team of specialties- architects, engineers, interior designers, construction managers, and general contractors each providing necessary skills.


Henkib Traders provides a range of engineering services that include: design, planning, organization and construction supervision for; Structural, Civil, Geotechnical, Mechanical and Electrical works.

Henkib Traders prides itself in developing design solutions across a wide range of
engineering and building typologies for complex and specialist facilities with demanding planning, technical and aesthetic requirements- an experience the company still enjoys.

Our Core engineering services;
• Civil and Structural Engineering,
• Geotechnical Engineering,
• Civil and Highway Engineering,
• Electrical and Mechanical- design, installation, assessment and audit,
• Environmental engineering studies,
• Engineering statutory requirement studies,
• Energy- Oil and Gas
• Construction.

Civil and Highway Engineering

Henkib Traders is a civil engineering consultant whose practice is nationally recognized in the fields ranging from roads, highways and airports, power generation to commercial and industrial property development.

Our experiences are derived from a wide range of services from feasibility studies through to detailed design and physical works implementation. This is coupled with in-depth knowledge of project management process and procedures covering different methods of delivering projects.

Henkib Traders focuses its ability to plan, design and manage construction of civil engineering projects of quality and within costs.

Henkib Traders offers a range of roading and general civil engineering services listed below;
• Geometric design new roads and the upgrade for the existing roads.
• Road pavement investigation, design and specification preparation.
• Storm water reticulation analysis and design.
• Design and implementation of large box culverts.

Geotechnical Engineering

With a team of geotechnical engineers and technicians supported by collaboration with the public and other private soil/materials testing laboratory, Henkib Traders provides comprehensive and complete geotechnical expertise on projects from building designs to infrastructures- dams, energy and highways in Kenya.

As an acknowledged upcoming leader in geotechnics, Henkib Traders is often called to push the essential skill and science of designing and building structures on the ground.
Wherever difficult ground conditions, sensitive environments or ambitious projects present geotechnical challenges, Henkib Traders provides robust and advanced solutions.

The geotechnical services include;
• Planning and overview of geotechnical site investigation,
• Foundation studies,
• Designing foundations and retaining walls,
• Materials- investigation and testing,
• Assessing and upgrading slope stability,
• Pavement design, hydrology and hazards studies.

At Henkib Traders, this aspect of engineering can be employed in the early stages of the project to assist in decisions making on cost implications and conceptual designs. Many project locations have widely variable ground conditions and this is critical to the health of a project.

Henkib Traders saves clients from construction pitfalls by providing a sound basis of geotechnical analysis on risks and cost impacts by identifying the best planning, design, construction and maintenance solution from project inception. This in turn, can be used to improve proposed developments that allow clients to make informed decisions on the balance between costs and risks.

To become better managers of our built environment, Henkib Traders drives forward expertise in the structure and behavior of all ground conditions.

In meeting complex challenges, Henkib Traders supports its geotechnical experts to innovate by investing in research, rigorous training and development.

Our geotechnical investigations in Kenya are guiding major investment decisions about the siting of facilities for oil and gas operations-depots. Our expertise reduces risk where consequences are high. On building developments in East and South Africa, our sophisticated modelling techniques help define the best approach to foundations- cutting out costly changes and mistakes.

Stakeholders- clients, contractors and insurers also turn to Henkib Traders for geotechnical expert advice when things do not go according to plan.


In the many years in operation, our independent practice help clients navigate the increasingly complex energy industry and get the best value from the opportunities it offers.

The world is now more than ever dependent on energy. With usage levels rapidly growing and the Energy Trilemma becoming more prominent, Henkib Traders works with clients to bring efficient, affordable and sustainable structures to support the source of energy to shape East and South Africa regions.

Henkib Traders contributes innovatively across a number of energy markets using our skills and geographies to advise on policy, programs, projects and usage to take the best energy thinking forwards while delivering the most sustainable and efficient solutions. Our main focus is towards transitional and future energy, at the same time improving the quality and reducing consequences of existing legacy energy.

We operate independently and understand both the leading and emerging technologies and how increasingly complex energy markets work to provide services that help our clients get the best value from their initiatives.

In the energy market, there are three unique challenges that have to be addressed when considering investment in energy and its demand. These three challenges are clearly embedded in Energy Trilemma and addressing it imply a trade-off when choosing one over the other.

These three elements that make up the Energy Trilemma are;
• Energy Security – the effective management of primary energy supply from internal and external sources, the reliability of energy infrastructure, and the energy providers` capacity to meet current and future demand.
• Energy Sustainability – the indication of its strong natural tendency to create harmful
• Energy Affordability – the accessibility and affordability of energy supply across the

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