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Our History

In 2015, likeminded engineers set up Henkib Traders consulting company in Nairobi, Kenya. The Company was founded primarily as a turnkey service provider in construction. In the many years of existence, the consultancy has grown into affirm consulting company of unprecedented scale, with a strong attention to design to meet the needs of the client, industry and real time approvals.

The company is expanding rapidly, and has earned a reputation for devising advanced, creative and economical solutions for oil and gas industry- a reputation it still enjoys today. Henkib Traders over time, its breadth of expertise is considerable- this ranged from engineering, architecture, construction, project management, and specialist skills such as fueling systems design to facility management.

The company`s portfolio today is broad and far-reaching. Through our dedication and service, we help clients and other stakeholders plan for the seamless opening and operation of major facilities like buildings, gas stations and quick service restaurants, depots, warehouse and lubricants oil batching plants.

Henkib Traders now has over 3 offices across Kenya. The employee number has grown and still growing. Our revenue, anchored in the deep trust and honesty enshrined in the clients` projects is growing.

Meet Our Team

Nancy Kamau
Nancy KamauC.E.O
Nancy is our C.E.O
Nancy Kamau
Nancy KamauC.E.O
Nancy is our C.E.O
Nancy Kamau
Nancy KamauC.E.O
Nancy is our C.E.O

Our Future and Vision

To be a leader in project management and providing excellent engineering solutions, the Henkib Traders designers incorporate future trends in project designs as well as how an individual site or its immediate surroundings may be developed in the future. The availability of materials and best practice in sustainability also play a significant part.

At Henkib Traders, research and innovation is part of the company’s pursuit of technical excellence. Some of our research projects are conducted by specialists within; others are collaborations with academic institutions or partnerships with industry.

Henkib Traders invests in strategic research projects and innovations, the latest technology that arm us with the insight and knowledge we need to plan effectively for future trends and projects.

Investing in Henkib Traders own people is a key integral part of the company’s approach to business. A strict technical training program – as well as training on disciplines such as project management, contracts management, health, safety, security and environment- equips employees for the challenges offered by the most exciting projects. The emphasis on training and technical excellence means that Henkib Traders continues to attract and retain many of the best engineers and designers.

Diversity of opinion and ideas are highly sought at Kent Africa Limited, whose online skills networks hum with debate and provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and know.

Achieved through our professional drive to discover new ways to turn ideas into tangible reality. This passion is behind many of the completed and ongoing projects- architectural, engineering, project management and construction.

We Love What We Do

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