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Specialists Architecture, Engineering, Consulting, Oil and Gas and Energy

Henkib Traders is a leading advisory and design consultancy in architecture, engineering, construction, project management and facility management solutions working in key market sectors; energy, highway, manufacturing and construction industry.

Oil and gas

Henkib Traders practice serves all areas of the industry, we advise government and national oil companies, major and independent commercial oil companies, renewable energy companies, oil field service firms, private equity investors and sovereign wealth funds.

We work with clients across the oil and gas sector to advise on environmental and planning consultancy, procurement, technical due diligence to design, consult, monitor, review and decommission. These include setting environmental standards remediation measures and innovations. Downstream projects like fuel stations, wind turbine structure designs, innovative fuel storage tank technologies.

Our experienced team in oil and gas will work with you to find the best way to strengthen your project, minimize risks and ensure success. This involves oil, natural gas, unconventional gas or Liquefied Natural Gas.

Effective distribution systems are essential in supporting the delivery of natural gas that has become an increasingly popular fuel, Henkib Traders devotes its time helping clients develop more effective systems, and integrate natural gas energy systems with renewable energy systems.

Oil and gas industry is becoming more and more sophisticated. In line with this, demands specialist robust structures. We work with our clients to optimize and extend the life of their existing structures which in turn can lead to substantial cost savings on decommissioning projects.

For all oil and gas development, we act as independent advisers in planning, design and environmental impact assessment applications in East and South Africa. In Kenya, we are providing a broad range of technical expertise to advice on ground surface movements, helping deliver fueling systems, and provided due diligence advice on their asset value. We aren’t tied to particular contractors or under obligation to any shareholders. This means our advice on natural gas and oil related developments are truly independent, centered on your interests.

With in-house expertise in every step of the project lifecycle, we at Henkib Traders can support you throughout – whether you need structural engineering, advice on strategy and financing, programme and project management, or advanced technology and research. Using our data on typical costs and schedules enables you to benchmark your project and find the simplest way to achieve your targets.

We support clients by bringing specific and cross-sector experience to challenging projects in energy, covering power and oil and gas. Whatever your needs in the complex energy market we are able to bring solutions through our service offerings.

Our structures offering allows us to work with some of the largest energy operators in East and South Africa, from designing the right solution through to facility management, Oil batching plants to storage solutions, cost planning, . We have designed a number of structures thanks to our in-house capabilities.

Our Future and Vision

To be a leader in project management and providing excellent engineering solutions, the Henkib Traders designers incorporate future trends in project designs as well as how an individual site or its immediate surroundings may be developed in the future. The availability of materials and best practice in sustainability also play a significant part.

At Henkib Traders, research and innovation is part of the company’s pursuit of technical excellence. Some of our research projects are conducted by specialists within; others are collaborations with academic institutions or partnerships with industry.

Henkib Traders invests in strategic research projects and innovations, the latest technology that arm us with the insight and knowledge we need to plan effectively for future trends and projects.

Investing in Henkib Traders own people is a key integral part of the company’s approach to business. A strict technical training program – as well as training on disciplines such as project management, contracts management, health, safety, security and environment- equips employees for the challenges offered by the most exciting projects. The emphasis on training and technical excellence means that Henkib Traders continues to attract and retain many of the best engineers and designers.

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