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A great-tasting tea that’s better for the land, its people and the environment? A lofty goal, yes. And one Henkib Traders Organic Teas is proud to have achieved. Their organic tea garden is cultivated using only natural farming practices, and the revolutionary education, health and cattle-lending programs Henkib Traders Organic. Teas has created provide a bright future for the Kenyan families who help produce their tea. And all of Henkib Traders’s teas are minimally packaged in sustainable, compostable style. This all adds up to a better tea experience.

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Picking & Transportation
Tea leaves and flushes, which include a terminal bud and 2 young leaves, are plucked
from the bushes by hand. The high standard of fine plucking is the first step towards
superior quality tea manufacture. The interval between plucking and delivery is kept as short as possible. As the aphorism goes, “manufacture starts in the field”. Great care is taken when transporting green leaf to the factory. This is achieved by the use of specially designed leaf carriers that permit air circulation and thus prevent any heat build-up that would affect the quality of the teas produced.

The tea leaves will begin to wither soon after picking. Withering is used to remove excess water from the leaves and allows a very light amount of oxidation. The leaves can be either put under the sun or left in a cool breezy room to pull moisture out from the leaves. The leaves sometimes lose more than a quarter of their weight in water during withering. This reduction in moisture makes the leaf pliable and easier to cut in the next stage.

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Rahab Wangui Wanjiku

Rahab Wanjiku has a degree in Agriculture from Jomo Kenyatta Univeristy of Agriculture and Technology.
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